I’m a doctoral student at Michigan State University’s Educational Psychology and Educational Technology PhD program. My many adventures focus on studying learning and identity development among middle school students in STEM content areas. I am particularly interested in the social dimensions of underrepresented students’ experiences with peers and mentors in out-of-school and “informal” STEM learning spaces.



I’m working with Angela Calabrese Barton, conducting critical ethnographic and youth participatory action research focusing on middle schoolers’ identity development in an afterschool, urban STEM program. As part of this research, I lead a year-round program for youth in Lansing, MI, focused on the science and engineering of energy sustainability using advanced technologies. Student work is highlighted at (all blog posts and videos are produced by students).


I’m on the editorial staff of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST) with Joseph Krajcik and Angela Calabrese Barton, editing manuscripts and supporting online author and reviewer communication. See JRST’s Homepage for articles in recent issues.


My practicum project is a quasi-experimental teacher discourse study in partnership with William Schmidt, Lee Cogan, and David Wong. I am analyzing videotaped teacher-student interactions during field trips at a large, metropolitan science museum, to understand the effects of the museum’s teacher professional development workshop on teacher-led, exhibit object-mediated explorations about energy-related physical science content.


I developed curriculum for the MSU-Wipro STEM & Leadership Teaching Fellowship Program, a year-long certificate program for Chicago Public Schools teachers with Sonya Gunnings-Moton, Punya Mishra and Leigh Graves Wolf, supported by Wipro Ltd. Participants can apply this program toward a Masters degree in MSU’s MAET program. See for more info.

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