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Selected Service Experiences (for more, see CV)

2018-2020 Director of STEAM Programming, Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County, Indiana

I organize and conduct research on youth-led redesign efforts underway at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Marshall County (across three Marshall County sites, in Plymouth, Bremen, and Culver, IN). I am leading a re-design of the entire club system to promote STEAM learning as the new connecting mission across club program areas and sites. To support this effort, I am leading the formation of a new Youth Action Council to advise adult staff on youth-directed educational programming changes.

2018 Pro Bono Organizational Design Consultant, Moontree Studios Makerspace, Donaldson, Indiana

I advised on culturally sustaining, biomimicry-inspired, and regenerative design efforts to reimagine public educational programming. Conversations led to systemic, multilevel efforts towards organizational restructuring and staff training, at a rural community makerspace run by Catholic nuns (“women religious”).

2013-2019 After School Mentor and Site Leader, Boys and Girls Club of Lansing, Michigan

I led Green Energy Technology in the City (GET City), a year-round after school STEM/making program for youth in Lansing, MI, focused on the teaching the science and engineering of energy sustainability using advanced technologies. Ongoing student work is highlighted at (all blog posts and videos are produced by students).

2015-2019 Mentor and Program Assistant, Think Tank Makerspace and Youth Action Council, Impression 5 Science Center

I advise and conduct research on youth-led redesign efforts underway at the science center. To support this effort, I worked with Dr. Angela Calabrese Barton and Impression 5 Science Center Director of Innovation Micaela Balzer to form a new Youth Action Council to advise adult staff on youth-directed educational programming changes.

2015-2017 Summer Program Leader and On-Site Director, MSU Undergraduate Study Abroad Program: Learning, Culture, and Technology in Europe

For 3 summers, I led a group of undergraduates through the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Belgium, visiting schools and discussing issues relevant to the US and the EU. In 2016, I redesigned the mission, recruitment, curriculum, and locations visited. I designed and implemented plans to increase institutional support of underrepresented students in the program. I also steered coursework with a more explicit critical perspective on US and EU educational contexts. This included exploring school diversity and segregation in the US and EU, race and language in classrooms, and refugee youth education and experiences in comparative context.

2018-2019 Volunteer Reviewer, American Educational Research Association

Division C: Learning and Instruction, Division D: Measurement and Research Methodology, ILER SIG: Informal Learning Environments Research, CESJ SIG: Critical Educators for Social Justice, STL SIG: Science Teaching and Learning

Division C (Learning and Instruction)

Division D (Measurement and Research Methodology)

CESJ SIG (Critical Educators for Social Justice)

ILER SIG (Informal Learning Environment Research)

2017-2019 Volunteer Reviewer, National Association of Research in Science Teaching (Strand 11: Cultural, Social, and Gender Issues. Equity and diversity issues.)

2015 Pro Bono Educational Program Design Consultant, The Information Technology Empowerment Center (ITEC)

2013-2014 Editorial Assistant, Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)