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As Research Investigator in the University of Michigan School of Education, I study justice-oriented youth learning and development in STEM within participatory partnerships with youth and community organizations. Using critical participatory and multidisciplinary qualitative approaches and methods, I explore learning and development as a connected phenomenon, centering youth efforts within contexts of racism, cishet sexism, and multigenerational poverty.

• I have developed new conceptual understandings of STEM/maker learning and development pathways, and new analytic tools to enhance those understandings. Links to research outcomes available at

• I study and co-design resources with teens and university students to support STEM efforts, including new partnerships for supporting teen research. Learn about one recently scaled-up program at

• I am conducting research on families’ experiences with making-from-necessity during and in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and additional events of 2020-2021. Read updates at

• Working with learning institutions and community organizations for 11 years as practitioner (e.g., science center educator, program and curriculum developer, undergrad mentor, site supervisor) and for 8 years as researcher-and-designer, I have built rich expertise in critical design-based, ethnographic, and participatory approaches.

Teaching Info

I am committed to equity-oriented education models, embracing learners as partners. Employing community of practice methods within a social justice perspective, I engage students in critical inquiry practices and concept/skill development as we learn together and from each other.


TE 403: Teaching Science to Diverse Learners-Elementary Science Methods — College of Education, Michigan State University, Elementary Science Teacher Preparation Program.

CEP/TE 491: Learning, Culture, and Equity in the US and Europe: Comparative PerspectivesCollege of Education, Michigan State University

CEP 416: Teaching and Learning with TechnologyCollege of Education, Michigan State University

TE 150: Reflections on LearningCollege of Education, Michigan State University