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(descriptions of 2 recent/current NSF projects below)


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Science Learning +: Partnering for Equitable STEM Pathways for Underrepresented Youth (US: National Science Foundation, PI Angela Calabrese Barton, Co-PI Lynn Dierking, Co-PI Carmen Turner) (UK: Wellcome Trust, PI Louise Archer, Co-PI Emily Dawson)
Taking an ecological view of STEM learning as a sociocultural process of participation and transformation, the project employs a Complex Adaptive System lens to document multiple pathways youth take (or not) within/across ISL settings over time, the impact these pathways have on learning and development, and their influence on ISL organizations themselves. These lenses will help us identify aspects of learning environments which shape youth access and development, and the value and impact of the equity ideas, tools and practices.


As Postdoctoral Research Fellow, I led participatory research with youth across all Michigan sites. I also coordinated project efforts across all US sites.



screen-shot-2017-08-27-at-4-54-39-pm-e1568318060256.pngEquitably Consequential Making among Youth from Historically Marginalized Communities (National Science Foundation, PI Angela Calabrese Barton)
I continue to conduct critical ethnographic and youth collaborative design-based research focusing on middle school-aged children’s identity development in an afterschool, urban STEM program. As part of this research, I lead a year-round after school STEM/making program for youth in Lansing, MI, focused on the science and engineering of energy sustainability using advanced technologies. Ongoing student work is highlighted at (all blog posts and videos are produced by students). Ongoing researcher updates can be found at