Publications + Free Resources

Free open access links to recent papers:

Greenberg, D., Balzer, M., Calabrese Barton, A., Tan, E., & Youth Action Council. (2020). We’re the Bosses: Youth Action Council Designs an Equitable Makerspace. In L. Hogg, K. Stockbridge, C. Achieng-Evensen, & S. SooHoo (Eds.), Pedagogies of With-ness: Students, Teachers, Voice and Agency. Myers Education Press. (free copy available here)

Greenberg, D., Calabrese Barton, A., Turner, C., Hardy, K., Roper, A., Williams, C., Herrenkohl, L. R., Davis, E. A., & Tasker, T. (2020). Community Infrastructuring as Necessary Ingenuity in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Educational Researcher, 0013189X20957614.

Greenberg, D., Barton, A. C., Tan, E., & Archer, L. (2020). Redefining entrepreneurialism in the maker movement: A critical youth approach. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 0(0), 1–40.

Calabrese Barton, A., Greenberg, D., Turner, C., Riter, D., Perez, M., Tasker, T., Jones, D., Herrenkohl, L. R., & Davis, E. A. (2021). Youth Critical Data Practices in the COVID-19 Multipandemic. AERA Open, 7, 23328584211041630.

Calabrese Barton, A., Greenberg, D., Kim, W. J., Brien, S., Roby, R., Balzer, M., Turner, C., & Archer, L. (2021). Disruptive moments as opportunities towards justice‐oriented pedagogical practice in Informal Science Learning. Science Education, sce.21682.

Greenberg, D. (2019). Critical Participatory Explorations of Youth STEM Pathways (22618647). ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.

Greenberg, D., & Calabrese Barton, A. (2017). “For Girls to Feel Safe”: Community Engineering for Sexual Assault Prevention. Girlhood Studies, 10(2). (free copy available here)

Greenberg, D. (2017). Why Science Teachers Should Care About Social Justice. I Wonder… : Rediscovering School Science, 1(3), 70–73. (free copy available here)

Calabrese Barton, A., Tan, E., & Greenberg, D. (2017). The Makerspace Movement: Sites of Possibilities for Equitable Opportunities to Engage Underrepresented Youth in STEM. Teachers College Record, 119(6). Retrieved from (free copy available here)

Free Resources for Justice-Centered STEM:

A STARTING POINT GUIDE to learn about Core Equitable Practices, a new justice-centered framework for working with youth and communities in learning spaces and programs:

A PRINTABLE POSTER OF PLANNING PROMPTS for designers, educators, and researchers in STEM-ed who want to center justice more explicitly in their programming and projects:

A LIBRARY OF RESOURCES to help leaders more deeply enact Core Equitable Practices using a YESTEM justice-oriented framework, based on more than 5 years of critical participatory design-based research findings:

A REFLECTION TOOL to support institutional teams in goal-setting towards centering Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion within programs, spaces, and across partnerships and initiatives: